Are Empty Legs Really A Good Deal?

Are empty legs on a private jet charter really a good deal and a good idea to save money? There are many people that are making use of paying for an empty leg, but they know the risks and benefits of this type of flight. Before you can consider doing something like this, yourself, you need to make sure that you know if this is really a good deal or not. Here are some things that you should consider in order to know if you can make use of empty legs or not.

What is an empty leg

An empty leg flight is when there is a charter flight from destination A to B. But when the flight arrives at B, he needs to fly to point C to fly someone else to point A again. An empty leg is a flight between point B and C. There isn’t anyone on board, because he needs to get to the next destination to fly the next customer. They are then selling the seat on the empty leg for much cheaper than other flights.

This is because the airplane needs to go to the next destination anyway. With or without someone on board.

Is this really saving you a lot of money?

If you are booking the empty leg, will it really save you money, or will you just need to pay another ticket that is similar to all the other flights that the private jet charter has to offer?

This can be a really cheap flight if you know where to look. Many people have saved lots of money this way. Some of these flights are letting people save between 50% and 80%. Making this a good deal to consider.

The risks that are involved with an empty leg

However, this special doesn’t come without any risks. There is something important that you should consider. If you are booking the empty flight a couple of weeks before the date, there is one thing that can happen.

The person that has booked the charter flight in the first place can cancel the flight, even an hour before the flight. This will mean that the empty leg flight isn’t available then. Meaning that you will not be able to fly with this option anymore.

Things to consider before you are making use of an empty leg to save time

You need to make sure that you have a backup plan when the flight is canceled. This is also something that you should not consider if you are in a hurry to get to the new destination. This is because if the flight is canceled, your arrival might be delayed.

There are always some empty legs with a private jet charter. And, you can make use of that empty leg to get a ticket that isn’t expensive at all. The only thing that you need to do, is knowing where to look for this type of flights. With this option, you will be able to fly with the empty leg flight, without worrying about paying way too much money for the flight.

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Try a Private Jet, at Public Prices


Flying during a private jet might not be as so much out of reach as you think that. Tho’ it’s still not low cost, costs square measure rivaling first and business-class tickets and even, sometimes, coach thanks partially to new websites, social media Associate in Nursing a larger disposition by charter corporations and personal jet brokers to barter in an era of high fuel costs.

SEARCH FOR unpunctual, unidirectional DISCOUNTS

Air Partner, a charter broker, primarily based in London, introduced last year, to assist fill alleged empty legs (when the craft flies while not passengers back to base or between jobs) at discounted rates. Travelers will read that flights square measure obtainable on-line however should entail valuation. Different brokers and personal jet operators like JetSuite conjointly build empty legs obtainable to individual travelers. Thus it will pay to buy around.

“The dirty very little secret of the business is, a couple of third of our flight’s square measure empty,” Alex above Wilcox, chief govt of JetSuite, primarily based in Southern Calif., that recently began posting unpunctual $499 deals on Facebook for empty legs on the company’s four-passenger Embraer Phenom craft. “Say a Gulfstream pulls into an urban center and goes back to Vegas empty.”


For travelers UN agency can’t realize Associate in Nursing empty leg to fulfill their schedule, social media is a gap up to new avenues for personal jet travel. Last month, as an example, JetSuite started SuiteShare, that permits a client to charter a four-passenger craft then supply seats that won’t be required through Facebook on every occasion another client joins your flight, the value everybody pays decreases, though’ JetSuite makes slightly a lot of.

USE A BROKER to seek out YOU the most effective DEAL

If you don’t have the time or inclination to hunt on-line for empty legs or to arrange your charter flight, you’ll be able to rent a broker to try to to it for you. For a commission, freelance private jet brokers will act as your agent to solicit bids for the flight you wish from jet corporations they need vetted and talk over the most effective rate.

They can conjointly facilitate walk you thru the fine print of the contract. “If one thing happens along with your kid or your health and you can’t fly, you would like to own a prestigious broker UN agency will be your advocate,”Chet above Dudzik Jnr., president of JetWay private jetAir. “If that broker or agent contains a smart relationship with the charter company, the probabilities square measure smart you’ll be able to cancel.” additionally, he said, “We assume each craft won’t pop out, thus we’ve got a recovery craft in situ,” and nobody is left on the ramp.


Like business carriers, charter operators should adhere to government rules, known as Federal Aviation laws. Still, it’s a decent plan to visualize the security record of the private jet company you’re considering flying on. Whereas the amount of personal charters concerned in crashes has born in recent years, accidents do occur a lot of often outside the business thought of regular flights.


Even if flying private jet prices over you’d wish to pay, after you consider all the hassles of business travel that you just will avoid from long security lines to overcrowded airplanes to long drives to major airports some travelers could realize the splurge worthwhile.

Try out for more help and informations.

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First Class vs Private Jets: Who Has the Edge?

Dismissed by many as being very costly, charter flights will usually lead to money-savings in the long run, records Monarch Air’s, Felipe Reisch. Thatis particularly the case if you were considering purchasing a first class airline ticket.

Following, we list the most typical factors you will need to consider before you make your choice on whether to travel first class with the airlines or via private jet charter.


A standard first class ticket from Los Angeles to Las Vegas can cost $1,500, while the same trip with an exclusive air travel charter operator might cost up to $5,000.

On this number alone, it might be easy to choose first class has the edge, right? Remember, in a commercial air travel you pay for your seat.

Imagine if you wished to bring your seven good friends of a vacation to Vegas, or had a need to take seven fellow workers on a business trip. You will need to pay $12,000 with the airlines, whereas on a private jet charter all eight would travel for the initial $5,000for a charter flight, not the seat.


Is the time money cliché? Is accessible once and for all reason. Money comes and goes, but time can never be recovered. When flying on thehighgrade, the standard regulations of commercial airline flight still apply: arriving time before the flight, check-in types of procedures, security and baggage lay claim after landing.

Now that is a lot of squandered time.

With charter flights you merely need to arrive a quarter-hour before departing; a quick check-in method will maintain theplace and from then on, you walk directly to your aircraft and soar to your vacation spot.


Easily considered within the time factor is the probability provided by charter flights of getting in small local airports much closer to your actual destination. When getting at major airports individuals still have to operate a vehicle a great deal of time following a demanding commercial flight to attain their intended vacation spot.

Domestic or local international airports are usually nearer to the traveller’s last destination.

Furthermore, the overall flexibility in scheduling provided by aircraft operators is one of a kind; you can plan outings at any hour, and the aircraft adapts to your timetable and not the other way around as would be the case with an initial class airfare ticket.


If you need to conduct work during your travel, then some basic conditions need to use: a comfortable workplace, reduced noise and, most of all, personal privacy. With first-class seating, there are still travellers around you, airfare attendants, children and noise. Not ideal if you want to take care of important or delicate business matters.

On the other hand, if you are going for leisure, all the previous factors also obtain a more relaxing journey.

Lastly, you may get comfortable on an initial class flight and enjoy good food. However, overall, tourists often believe comfort, efficiency and luxury are the main advantages of soaring privately. Although they could be right, time and versatility are ultimately what justifies the price!

Weigh up your future trip requirements and decide for yourself.. High grade, or private jet charter?

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Why You Should Choose to Charter a Jet Instead of Flying Commercial

It doesn’t matter if the majority of your travel is for your work or for pleasure, traveling the world comes with a range of advantages and disadvantages. While the advantages largely surround the destinations, the disadvantages mostly regard the act of traveling.

With this in mind, below are three reasons for you to consider charting  =a private jet for your company’s next off-site meeting.

Trade Secrets

When you are sitting in a seat on a commercial flight you have little to no say in who sits beside you. Even in business class. And while there may be more space provided in these seats, if the wrong person is sitting next to you on the right flight then they could overhear conversations or see emails which could damage your business and your reputation.

A privately chartered plane only has a limited amount of crew members on board, with the remaining passenger being just yourself and your fellow travelers. THis allows business groups to openly discuss their work and situation while traveling, making their travel time more productive.

Depart and Arrive When You Like

Have you and your colleagues ever arrived the day before your event because you weren’t able to find a light the next morning at the right time which landed you where you needed to be? This is a problem which only plagues commercial airlines passengers.

A chartered jet can depart and arrive at your destination at whatever time you choose, providing that the plane has sufficient time to get you to your destination. This means that you could conceivably save on over night hotel costs which could be applied to the cost of a chartered flight.

Of course, this also means that the [pilot can take whichever route you choose. This means that if you are entertaining international guests and you would like to show them some of the sights from the sky before you all arrive at your next meeting, you can arrange with the charter company to plan a route which will show you and your guests some sights along the way.

True Comfort

If you have ever tried to sleep on a plane then you know that the task is virtually impossible. Whether it’s being prodded in the back by the feet of the person behind you or trying to battle the passenger beside you for control of the arm rest. As sleep preventing as these situations are, they are only present on commercial flights.

A chartered jet is not designed to squeeze as many people in as possible and is more designed for comfort. This means that you can expect lots of space, comfortable and large seats which recline all the way back, along with larger restrooms and space to walk around.

Take What You Like

If you have recently purchased new electronic devices for your business partners and have protected them with products from the Groupon Coupons page for Kaspersky Lab CA then you will surely want to make the most of their productivity on the plane.

However, with ever increasing security limitation, more and more devices are being placed on the list of items which can’t be taken on many flights.

A chartered jet, however, allows you to take on almost any item which isn’t considered to be dangerous. While the charter company you choose will have their own set of rules, you can expect the list to be much shorter and much more liberal than you would expect flying commercial.

If you and your colleagues have an offsite meeting coming up and your usual method is to fly the night before, stay at hotel and then attend the next morning before flying back, consider working productively and chartering a jet to give you and your colleagues the freedom to work comfortably and make the most of your travel time.

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Private Jet Air Charter Flights Safety Systems and Ratings



The (IS-BAO) or the International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations is said to be the  newest—as well as the most comprehensive—standard for business aircraft safety audited. Only a those handful charter operators will achieved an IS-BAO registration. A registered operators will demonstrated certain compliance by a successful completion from a third party business industry audit through an IBAC Accredited Auditor. visit this link here!

IS-BAO was enhanced through an industry to benefit other industry. This is being code to be the best practices being designed in order to help different flight departments all over the world and to achieve higher level of professionalism. An IS-BAO was then formally being introduced and made available to the business aviation community by the International Business Aviation Council (IBAC) in May, 2002.

The (IBAC) International Business Aviation Council introduces IS-BAO system for many reasons. In several business sectors, the international standards were being recognized with their role as a facilitator in global commerce. IS-BAO was just the same in this area as this is the fundamental objective which is to foster a standardized, high, safe, and well-versed professional private jet charter operations.

FAA Charter Certification

The FAA may conduct a long investigation as well as certification process prior on granting an aircraft as well as its operator an authority to handle and carry the general public as paying passengers. It will takes several months, and sometimes years, just to become certified FAA Air Carrier. That aside, the FAA still has a continual oversight upon an annual inspections, semi-annual checkup, as well as the conformity inspections on any aircraft were being added for a charter certificate. This certificated operators assigned certain local FAA Flight Standards District Office (FSDO) which continually monitors the operator.

History may holds that the FAA Air Carrier requirements as well as the standards as valid. Another thing is that it is professionally flown a charter flights having two crew members who have an accident as well as safety record the same as that of those scheduled airlines.
Source: National Business Aircraft Association, learn more from


jetThe Aviation Research Group/US (ARG/US) may offers a consulting services as well as provides an information collection, certain research as well as distribution in terms of its aviation field. One sector may check on their products as well as services is within the charter operator’s reviews as well as the ratings. Charter flight operators may subscribe to an ARG/US’s services as well as obtain a Gold rating, Gold Plus, and/or Platinum with increasing rates and levels of its evaluation. Consumers of charter services may then also subscribe to ARG/US services and access those ratings and limited operator information.


Wyvern LTD is an independent company that makes a business of evaluating or approving private jet charter operators based on their history, documentation, and practices.

As of June 2010, Wyvern provides safety information on 2,189 charter operators and 15,079 aircraft.

Wyvern provides comprehensive operator information, including operations history, pilot details, background information, Insurance coverage FAA documents, as well as FAA operations on specifications. This may also include any incidents, accidents, FAA letters for correction as well as warning notices. On much of the important details, as well as documents are directly coming from FAA electronic folders, the rest of the information is being acquired through Wyvern directly or from an on-site audit.

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Charter Flights – Fast & Efficient

private jet owner

There are many great reasons to hire a regional charter flight. In most situations, charter flights are quicker and more efficient than their larger jet siblings.

Charter Flight Availability & Selection

Flights that are booked with most regional charter flight companies do not deal with blackout dates or other similar issues that are typical with commercial airlines. Even during the busy holiday season, there are normally aircraft available. Passengers can also choose the type of general aviation aircraft they prefer.

Charter flight companies are available 24/7 and can provide quotes for your regional air charter flight. Your flight can be scheduled and planned even with short notice. When you call to set your schedule you will always speak with a representative who is knowledgeable and able to plan even the smallest details of your trip.

Business & Leisure Travel

Businesses are big fans of private air charter travel. For many executives and companies private air travel fits their need for efficient and fast transportation. While jets do fly at faster speeds, general aircraft planes are able to avoid jet lanes during flights and fly lower making point-to-point flights faster 70% of the time. This is especially true when flying within 250 miles of a destination.

Family and leisure travelers are fans of private air travel, too. Taking an entire family on one aircraft for a vacation or to a family event is not only efficient but can be great fun. Many regional air charter companies offer scenic flights designed for fun and leisure. What a great experience for children to view their community and region from the air. read the news coming from

Travel Flexibility and Safety

private jet ownerPrivate regional air charter can make more sense than owning an aircraft, for many reasons. There is no hassle involved with maintenance fees, storage expenses, and crew costs. When you charter an aircraft you pay one fee. In addition, for businesses which need to schedule more than one flight at a time, aircraft ownership doesn’t deliver. With private jet charter you’re able to fly where you want, when you want.

Aircraft safety is the highest priority with reputable charter companies. All aircraft meet the ultimate safety standards and flight crews and pilots have extensive experience.


Charter flight vs. commercial air travel

Regional Jet charter flights hold up to seven passengers per aircraft. Charter aircraft companies do not charge per passenger, rather they charge per flight and aircraft. If you were to fly with seven people and compare the cost involved in flying seven people at first class commercial ticket rates, you’ll be surprised to find that, in most situations, air charter is far cheaper. What’s more, time is money. So, if you take in consideration all the time spent making your way to a commercial airport in snarled traffic, the time spent in long security lines, and ticket lines, you quickly realize that a lot of time (money) is being wasted.

If you want a more convenient, fast and easy flights, get a private jet for yourself and fly high without worries.

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A Guide to Finding the Right Charter Flight Service


Looking for the right and the best charter flight service is important and there are all kinds of things to consider carefully. For example, you may be a bit concerned about the amount of money you are going to have to pay in order to fly in that plan. This is, of course, an issue and the reality is that the amount of money you are going to pay will depend on things such as the specific air charter company, the duration of the flight, and the type of plane that you are going to be flying in. All of these things will weigh into the company’s decision regarding how much you are going to be charged for your charter flight.

As you can see, you do have a lot of options when it comes to chartering a flight, but you will really want to take your time and approach the whole thing carefully. Making sure to always approach the search for a charter flight methodically and with caution will ensure that you end up with a great deal for your flight and that you are completely satisfied with the quality of service as well. While it is easy to find a chartered flight, if you really want to find the very best deal around it will be necessary for you to consider your options carefully, and that is really all there is to it. visit when you need more!

pilotThere are lots of various reasons in which you can choose in order to charter for a flight, but you must know that there are all kinds of companies out there that can provide you with this kind of service. What basically happens with a charter flight is that you will request to be flown over specific areas and you might choose to do this for many different reasons. Let’s say that you need to survey the geological formation of a specific area of land and you need a birds eye view to accomplish this. Well, in that case, you would end up hiring someone to fly you out over this location so that you would be able to do your survey the way you need it to be done. check this out!

Relax, though. Charter flights are becoming a lot less expensive these days and, in fact, it is quite possible that you will be able to get a great discount on one. The way to ensure that you find the very best price for a charter flight is to being your search to the Internet. If you do this you will be able to find localized companies and the not so big charter flight ventures that are undoubtedly offering a lower overall rates than their bigger competitors. You can avoid the high prices by making it a priority of yours to hire these smaller companies for the job of transporting you by air to your location—and save time and money in the process. All you have to do to find air charter companies of this sort is go online and make sure to search locally.

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