First Class vs Private Jets: Who Has the Edge?

Dismissed by many as being very costly, charter flights will usually lead to money-savings in the long run, records Monarch Air’s, Felipe Reisch. Thatis particularly the case if you were considering purchasing a first class airline ticket.

Following, we list the most typical factors you will need to consider before you make your choice on whether to travel first class with the airlines or via private jet charter.


A standard first class ticket from Los Angeles to Las Vegas can cost $1,500, while the same trip with an exclusive air travel charter operator might cost up to $5,000.

On this number alone, it might be easy to choose first class has the edge, right? Remember, in a commercial air travel you pay for your seat.

Imagine if you wished to bring your seven good friends of a vacation to Vegas, or had a need to take seven fellow workers on a business trip. You will need to pay $12,000 with the airlines, whereas on a private jet charter all eight would travel for the initial $5,000for a charter flight, not the seat.


Is the time money cliché? Is accessible once and for all reason. Money comes and goes, but time can never be recovered. When flying on thehighgrade, the standard regulations of commercial airline flight still apply: arriving time before the flight, check-in types of procedures, security and baggage lay claim after landing.

Now that is a lot of squandered time.

With charter flights you merely need to arrive a quarter-hour before departing; a quick check-in method will maintain theplace and from then on, you walk directly to your aircraft and soar to your vacation spot.


Easily considered within the time factor is the probability provided by charter flights of getting in small local airports much closer to your actual destination. When getting at major airports individuals still have to operate a vehicle a great deal of time following a demanding commercial flight to attain their intended vacation spot.

Domestic or local international airports are usually nearer to the traveller’s last destination.

Furthermore, the overall flexibility in scheduling provided by aircraft operators is one of a kind; you can plan outings at any hour, and the aircraft adapts to your timetable and not the other way around as would be the case with an initial class airfare ticket.


If you need to conduct work during your travel, then some basic conditions need to use: a comfortable workplace, reduced noise and, most of all, personal privacy. With first-class seating, there are still travellers around you, airfare attendants, children and noise. Not ideal if you want to take care of important or delicate business matters.

On the other hand, if you are going for leisure, all the previous factors also obtain a more relaxing journey.

Lastly, you may get comfortable on an initial class flight and enjoy good food. However, overall, tourists often believe comfort, efficiency and luxury are the main advantages of soaring privately. Although they could be right, time and versatility are ultimately what justifies the price!

Weigh up your future trip requirements and decide for yourself.. High grade, or private jet charter?

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