Why You Should Choose to Charter a Jet Instead of Flying Commercial

It doesn’t matter if the majority of your travel is for your work or for pleasure, traveling the world comes with a range of advantages and disadvantages. While the advantages largely surround the destinations, the disadvantages mostly regard the act of traveling.

With this in mind, below are three reasons for you to consider charting  =a private jet for your company’s next off-site meeting.

Trade Secrets

When you are sitting in a seat on a commercial flight you have little to no say in who sits beside you. Even in business class. And while there may be more space provided in these seats, if the wrong person is sitting next to you on the right flight then they could overhear conversations or see emails which could damage your business and your reputation.

A privately chartered plane only has a limited amount of crew members on board, with the remaining passenger being just yourself and your fellow travelers. THis allows business groups to openly discuss their work and situation while traveling, making their travel time more productive.

Depart and Arrive When You Like

Have you and your colleagues ever arrived the day before your event because you weren’t able to find a light the next morning at the right time which landed you where you needed to be? This is a problem which only plagues commercial airlines passengers.

A chartered jet can depart and arrive at your destination at whatever time you choose, providing that the plane has sufficient time to get you to your destination. This means that you could conceivably save on over night hotel costs which could be applied to the cost of a chartered flight.

Of course, this also means that the [pilot can take whichever route you choose. This means that if you are entertaining international guests and you would like to show them some of the sights from the sky before you all arrive at your next meeting, you can arrange with the charter company to plan a route which will show you and your guests some sights along the way.

True Comfort

If you have ever tried to sleep on a plane then you know that the task is virtually impossible. Whether it’s being prodded in the back by the feet of the person behind you or trying to battle the passenger beside you for control of the arm rest. As sleep preventing as these situations are, they are only present on commercial flights.

A chartered jet is not designed to squeeze as many people in as possible and is more designed for comfort. This means that you can expect lots of space, comfortable and large seats which recline all the way back, along with larger restrooms and space to walk around.

Take What You Like

If you have recently purchased new electronic devices for your business partners and have protected them with products from the Groupon Coupons page for Kaspersky Lab CA then you will surely want to make the most of their productivity on the plane.

However, with ever increasing security limitation, more and more devices are being placed on the list of items which can’t be taken on many flights.

A chartered jet, however, allows you to take on almost any item which isn’t considered to be dangerous. While the charter company you choose will have their own set of rules, you can expect the list to be much shorter and much more liberal than you would expect flying commercial.

If you and your colleagues have an offsite meeting coming up and your usual method is to fly the night before, stay at hotel and then attend the next morning before flying back, consider working productively and chartering a jet to give you and your colleagues the freedom to work comfortably and make the most of your travel time.

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